Mukilteo Lighthouse Park Master Plan

Mukilteo LH Park BWP-03.jpg Mukilteo LH Park BWP-07.jpg Mukilteo LH Park BWP-06.jpg Mukilteo LH Park BWP-04.jpg Mukilteo LH Park BWP-08.jpg Mukilteo LH Park BWP-01.jpg

City of Mukilteo

MacLeod Reckord completed a master plan and initial phase of development for Mukilteo Lighthouse Park, formerly Mukilteo State Park, an 18-acre waterfront park at historic Point Elliot. The plan suggests ways to celebrate and provide public use of the historic lighthouse complex, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, and to improve access to and use of the saltwater beach for passive and informal recreation and environmental, cultural and historic interpretation. Program elements include a new event space, pavilion, promenade and viewpoints, beach and shoreline enhancement and restoration, and interpretive information about the cultural and natural history of the site. The site currently abuts the Washington State Ferry Terminal and parking area, and the phasing plan explores potential expansion of the park and connections to the downtown when the ferry terminal is eventually relocated.

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