MacLeod Reckord PLLC, established in Seattle in 1968, was founded with the purpose of specializing in planning and design of public space. We proudly continue to provide exceptional service with the same values and inquisitive approach established by our founders and leaders.

Our passion is exploring and expressing exceptional design options for parks, trails, and urban spaces that celebrate the community and its vision. We want to inspire others with new ideas; concepts that solve the difficult problems; and solutions that satisfy disparate goals and result in cohesive, beautifully designed, and infinitely functional places.

Our approach to working with clients and community is to listen, to consider, then to articulate the challenges, goals, and solutions in ways that are clear and comprehensive. We strive to convey the full range of issues that design concepts represent in terms of impacts and benefits. Only then are all parties informed and able to make decisions that move a project forward.

Our work, transitioning from concept to final design and through construction, bears witness to the values we implement from the start – these public spaces resonate with community vision, they are authentic to the place without a recognizable design ‘signature’, and they exceed expectations.

Our team is responsive, attentive, and nimble because we know that public sentiment and political strategies can change in a heartbeat. We are as receptive to the need for change as we are respectful of the desire for consistency. These traits are borne out of the same values we hold in our design work – we listen and respond.

Connie Reckord is sole proprietor of MacLeod Reckord, a certified WBE/DBE/SBE firm and King County SCS firm. We are proud of our 50-year history of successful community work and invite you to explore our projects not only on these pages but in these communities.

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