Our Philosophy

Technology is changing the way we understand and experience our communities. Wired life has an allure, closing space and time, but the digital landscape lacks the spirit and granularity of real life. The nature of technology limits our thinking, actions, creativity and imagination.

Through sight, sound, and touch, real landscapes provide the rich sensory experiences that nourish us. They demand movement, balance and direction. They evoke emotions and elicit experiences that are unpredictable and serendipitous. Real landscapes are the spaces that shape our social and civic lives, fostering human interaction and wellbeing.

MacLeod Reckord is committed to creating evocative public places that promote active living, positively impact health, and reflect the image and core values of a community. We design parks, streets, plazas and trails that balance the needs of all community members and enhance a sense of place. We develop plans based upon community driven concepts, goals, and policies and solutions that are specific and authentic to each project and setting.

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