I 90 First Hill Lid Improvements

I90-lid-1.jpg I90-lid-2.jpg I90-lid-3.jpg I90-lid-4.jpg I90-lid-5.jpg I90-lid-6.jpg

City of Mercer Island, Mercer Island, Washington

Based on an approved schematic plan, MacLeod Reckord prepared design development and construction documents for a variety of public amenities located both on and off the Mercer Island “Lid” over Interstate 90. Improvements included football and softball fields, tennis and basketball courts, a restroom/maintenance facility, picnic shelter, play areas, viewpoints and connecting trails. Design and location of the amenities was carefully coordinated with the constraints of the lid’s construction. The shallow depth required specialized footing design, coordinated installation of waterproofing membranes and unique utility layout and design. Final documents consisted of two packages, one of which was prepared for WSDOT, to include in their documents and budget, and the other for the City of Mercer Island to advertise, administer and fund. The project won a transportation project design merit award from the U.S. Department of Transportation and the National Endowment for the Arts in 1995.

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