Covington Community Park

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City of Covington

This 30-acre community park in Covington exemplifies the full range of challenges and the inherent complexity of park planning in today’s growing communities. MacLeod Reckord developed a master plan that incorporates an expansive program of state-of-the-art active recreation facilities, passive amenities, regional trail connections, and wetland protection and mitigation, all with multiple layers of protective easements and environmental constraints. Recreational improvements include lighted, multi-purpose fields for baseball, softball and soccer, community buildings to support those facilities, an educational shelter, performing arts stage, picnic facilities, trails for both pedestrians and bicyclists, and a children’s play area. Fully half the site, with sensitive areas and mature woodland, is constrained from development with a conservation easement held by Forterra. The master plan successfully provides a transition between active, structured play areas and protected lands with a hierarchy of trails, transitional planting, and appropriate siting of buildings and amenities. The master plan identifies a phased development strategy, and the second phase of construction is complete.

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