Hickman Park

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City of Edmonds Parks & Recreation

MacLeod Reckord was retained by the City of Edmonds for master planning, design, construction documents and construction support for a 5 acre public park located in the Woodway community.  MacLeod Reckord facilitated public and stakeholder meetings throughout the master planning process during programming, alternative plan, preferred plan and final plan stages.  Although a relatively small park, the final plan created a place for both neighborhood and greater community use, resolved flood and stormwater issues for the neighborhood, addressed the City’s need for additional ballfields, and saved existing trees on the site. The park features a central unstructured open space, boardwalk, raingarden, an extensive underground stormwater infiltration system, picnic area with shelter, basketball court, accessible loop trail, woodland trail, fitness stations, children’s play area, signing, lighting, and parking.

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