Ebey Waterfront Park Expansion

Ebey-Site Concept.jpg Ebey before-2152.jpg Ebey historic-1650.jpg

City of Marysville

MacLeod Reckord provided conceptual design alternatives, preliminary design, and permit documentation for an expansion of Ebey Waterfront Park. The project includes development of a major new urban waterfront park on Ebey Slough with a watercraft center and hand carry boat launch facilities, large venue performing stage, flexible open green space, connection to the regional Qwuloolt Trail, and street frontage plaza designed for multiple uses including fairs, festivals, and other community gatherings. The park is the first newly redesigned facility as part of a comprehensive City plan to redevelop and revitalize the historic downtown core of Marysville. The park design creates opportunity for urban connections to the park and waterfront from the downtown. Additional program elements include an expansive regional stormwater facility, increased and reconfigured parking, an expanded waterfront dock and float system, children’s play area and waterfront viewing areas.

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