Lower Cedar River Restoration Assessment

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City of Renton/Herrera

As team member, MacLeod Reckord provided support for this assessment of salmon habitat restoration potential at several specific sites in the Cedar River floodplain.  With a preponderance of park and open space amenities located along the river in the lower reaches, there were many opportunity sites that were coincident with active, high value, recreational facilities such as the Cedar River regional trail, Liberty Park, Cedar River Park, Cedar River Natural Area, Maplewood Golf Course, and Ron Regis Park.  MacLeod Reckord assessed how these park and trail facilities might be protected, relocated, or redesigned in order to accommodate restoration plans and potentially incorporate interpretation of the new habitat improvements.  Concept sketches prepared by MacLeod Reckord for displaced or modified recreational facilities are included in the final report and several sites were identified as priority projects, to be advanced in design.

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