Cecil Moses Memorial Park Estuary

Cecil-Moses-bridge.jpg Cecil-Moses-wetland.jpg Cecil-Moses-Memorial-Park.jpg

King County Department of Facilities Management

MacLeod Reckord provided master planning and site design for this 3-acre trailhead park located on the Green River Trail in Tukwila. The project included parking, trails, and signage, but most significantly, construction of a large intertidal estuary at the saltwater wedge between the tidally influenced waters of Puget Sound and the freshwater of the Green River, a particularly critical habitat area.  The estuary, with native plantings along the bank, creates an ideal backwater resting area for juvenile coho salmon.  Estuary construction required a ground stabilization technique known as stone columns to protect a massive regional sewer main and other utilities, and involved coordination with multiple agencies to secure approvals.  The site is also culturally significant for the natural ‘North Wind’s Weir’ formation in the river at this location, and the master plan identifies interpretive signs and loop trails that highlight the historic importance of this site to Native Americans, as well as the efforts to restore important habitat.

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