Kitsap County Greenway Master Plan

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Kitsap County Department of Public Works

Kitsap County is one of the fastest-growing counties in Washington. County officials, seeking to mitigate impacts of growth and retain and enhance the positive attributes of the area, contracted with MacLeod Reckord to develop a master plan for a countywide trail and greenway system, which provides planning and design at both a regional and local scale. The plan examines nearly 600 miles of corridors for reasons of character, protection of sensitive areas and potential for public non-motorized uses. The project incorporated input from a variety of Kitsap County municipalities and user groups to develop consensus on an overall vision for corridors and open spaces through the county. The Plan provides policy recommendations, implementation strategies and design standards/guidelines that were incorporated into the county’s Comprehensive Planning documents. The scope included a Comprehensive Bicycle Plan, which was incorporated as a component of the Comprehensive Transportation Plan.

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