Centennial Trail

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Snohomish County Department of Parks and Recreation

The essence of the regional trail is embodied in Centennial Trail, extending from the City of Snohomish to the Skagit County line, linking small towns, neighborhoods, commercial and light industrial areas with untamed open space and historic trailheads.  MacLeod Reckord has led a multi-disciplinary team of designers and engineers to complete, in multiple phases, 20 miles of this multi-modal trail with an adjacent equestrian path and trailhead facilities featuring an historic barn and homestead, wetland boardwalk and lakefront dock, picnic and camping sites, interpretive viewpoints, and acres of protected and enhanced wetland.  The trail experience is multifaceted and inspiring as it passes through deep forest and preserved wetlands, crosses multiple fish-bearing streams, abuts lakes and active farms, and interconnects with neighborhoods and communities.  The corridor represents one of the finest and most diverse linear parks in the Snohomish County system, as well as a vitally important transportation and recreation amenity.

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