Port Townsend Waterfront and Streetscape Improvements

Port-Townsend-1.jpg Port-Townsend-2.jpg Pt Townsend BWP-12.jpg Port-Townsend-4.jpg Pt Townsend BWP-08.jpg port-townsend-fountain-bench.jpg Pt Townsend BWP-04.jpg Pt Townsend BWP-01.jpg

City of Port Townsend

MacLeod Reckord provided urban planning and design services for the major renovation of public space and streets in the Downtown Historic District of Port Townsend. Project goals included overall planning to renovate the deteriorating public infrastructure, enhance downtown, reconnect to the waterfront, and develop a consistent set of design standards. The process included on-going dialogue with the citizens, staff, the Historic Preservation Committee, the Planning Commission and the City Council. The project included master planning, design, and construction documents for the historic Haller Fountain plaza, streetscapes, waterfront areas, and a maritime park and plaza, as well as low impact development, rain gardens, and stormwater treatment. Plans include street and travel lane realignments, sidewalk widening, walls, parking, ADAAG compliance, site furnishings, planting, irrigation and lighting design.

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