Lake Oswego Ballfields

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City of Lake Oswego Department of Open Space and Project Management, Lake Oswego, Oregon

The City of Lake Oswego embarked on an ambitious plan to complete a four-year, bond-funded city-wide athletic field renovation project, and contracted with MacLeod Reckord to complete 16 projects.  Work included planning for new, as well as renovating existing, athletic fields at two high schools, two junior high schools, nine elementary schools and three city parks. Projects ranged from integrating new underdrainage and irrigation improvements to existing systems at elementary playfields to developing an all new lighted baseball stadium at Lake Oswego High School. Key to the success of this multi-phased project was careful coordination between the City, School District, team sports advisory committee and the general public.  MacLeod Reckord provided all final construction documents and construction administration support. The result, over a four year period, was a comprehensive, city-wide upgrade of the most visible and well-used athletic facilities.

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