Green River Trail Alignment Study

Posted by MacLeod Reckord in News on Wednesday, December 18, 2019

MacLeod Reckord just completed an alignment study for a 4.2-mile gap in the Green River Trail between Kent and Auburn. We have been involved in the development of the Green River Trail for over 35 years, and so were pleased to be asked to assist KPFF and the County define a preferred alignment for this very challenging section. Completion of this missing link will extend the trail from Cecil Moses Park just south of the Seattle city limits all the way to Dykstra Park in Auburn. The alignment study is one piece of a multi-objective planning effort involving flood management, salmon recovery, economic development, recreation, and environmental justice. The recommended trail alignment and design balances the competing objectives of creating a compelling trail user experience with preserving critical areas and allowing the future restoration of riparian habitat.

GRTAS Conceptual Alignment.jpg
GRTAS Elevated Trail at Wetland.jpg
GRTAS horseshoe bend levees.jpg
GRTAS Levee Type C Section.jpg
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